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Products & Services – SPS offers the following products and services presently....

  1. Maintenance free valve regulated lead acid (MF-VRLA) batteries for both industrial (2 Volts) and UPS (6V and 12 Volts SMF mono blocks).
  2. Conventional and SMPS based battery chargers.
  3. Conventional flooded - Tubular & plante lead acid and other types of batteries.
  4. Nickel cadmium and lithium ion batteries.
  5. Inverters - All types and capacity.
  6. Solar systems, lanterns, home lighting, street lighting, power plants, etc.
  7. Control and relay panels - All types.
  8. Material handling equipment’s - Sales and service- Spares and AMC's.
  9. Transformers and stabilizers.
  10. Sales, service, installation & commissioning, spares and AMC's for the above.


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