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Sumukha Power Solutions (SPS) is a proprietary concern registered in 2003 in Bangalore. SPS presently offers the following:

Maintenance free valve regulated lead acid (MF-VRLA) batteries for both industrial (2 Volts) and UPS (6V and 12 Volts SMF Mono blocks). Conventional and SMPS based battery chargers. Conventional Flooded - Tubular & plante lead acid and other types of batteries. Nickel cadmium and lithium ion batteries. Inverters - All types and capacities. UPS - All types and capacities. Solar Systems Lanterns, Home lighting, Street Lighting, Power Plants, etc. Control and Relay Panels - All type of material handling equipment’s - Sales and service - Spares and AMC's, transformers and stabilizers. Sales, service, installation & commissioning, spares and AMC's for the above.

Whole process created with engineered design for creation of an integrated system that works seamlessly with other types of products setup giving high-performance and end to end solutions. The most cost-effective solution to deliver clean and affordable renewable energy is on our agenda.

We are well equipped with trained engineers to provide excellent customer support. Let SPS take care of all your back up power needs making you enjoy complete peace of mind.

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Sumukha Power Solutions